Hands On Intro to VR and Wearable Tech

Using the DigiBit System, we offer FREE courses that introduce students to the main concepts of Virtual Reality and Wearable Technology. At each level rewards, in the form  of interactive gameplay are given. This learn then reward cycle is designed to keep the student engaged and motivated through the learning process.  Download PDF Brochure

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What Students Learn


Overview of a VR System
- VR Headset and Optics
- Motion Tracking Electronics
- Wireless Technology
- Applications of VR

How VR Optics Work
- Lenses / Field of View
- Display Persistence
- Different Display Technologies

Wireless and Wearable Electronics
- Electronic Schematics
- Li-ION Battery Technology
- Wireless Communications

Motion Tracking Technology
- Inertial Motion Units (IMU)
- Euler Motion Equations
- Acclerometer concepts 
- Gyroscope concepts

Modeling and Programming Concepts
- Game Development Environments
- 3D Modeling
- Elements of a programming language
- Relating programming to the visual objects


Course Information

Course size can vary from 4 to 20 students.  DigiBit supplies all course material and VR systems for FREE for this course.  The training material is adaptable to students as young as 8 to as old as 16.  This course is designed for middle school to high school students that are interested in an interactive hands-on overview of VR and Wearable technology.  

Courses are typically 2 or 4 hours.  

2 Hour Course

In this short version of the course, the students will be introduced to main concepts in 20 min segments. After each segment they are rewarded for correct answers by giving them time to battle each other with the DigiBit system.

4 Hour Course

In this longer version of the course, students will go more in-depth with 30min sections where they have the opportunity to apply the material hands on with the DigiBit system. At the end, students battle each other with the DigiBit games.